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Yamaha Scorpio Chopper 2009 standart Modification

Gambar Modifikasi Yamaha Scorpio Chopper 20009 stndart Modif

Although not yet accept a bike, Imam Syafei fell in adulation at Honda Goldwings and admired the actualization of Suzuki Intruder. Uniquely, aback alleged by Wiryady Ajie aka Thunder from Makmur Fajar Modification (FMM) kesemsemnya about it, the Imam has not alike had the bike.

"So I bought Yamaha Scorpio. Km that time was zero, I anon Boyong to Ajie, "recalled advisers who additionally angggota BRI BRI-KERS club Jakarta. Problem taste, Priests do not like action and streetfighter. "I ambition that the ergonomic architecture relaxed. Hence, the best is actual adapted chopper, "he added.

Scorpio offered Ajie, quick acknowledgment and absolute merombaknya. For him, the anatomy of the centermost cartilage to the advanced was not be evaluated. "I afflicted from the average to the back. Created absolutely new, "stated that the aboriginal builders Ajie AC service.

The purpose of this change, obviously. Scorpio Construction of aerial active and somewhat could not be maintained for the chopper. Hence, from the average of the aback charge to be fabricated a new anatomy architecture is hardly down. Includes beat arm application a Honda Steed 400.

From there get the basal shape. Ajie sertamerta accomplish sepatbor catchbasin additional chopper in accordance with the ducktail-style genre. "Handlebars Raiser bullhorned including our own. Details of the advanced and rear lights moge variations and deepening the legs, the advanced sokbreker Aprilia upside down, "said Ajie.

Final touch, FMM accept to bankrupt his Honda Shadow ngebas. Chopper Kerapihan abounding set of assignment dressed like this archetypal deserves thumbs up.

As sepatbor rear ducktail abutting the actualization is acceptable for motorcycles accurate and not berserk impressed. In fact, the branch was not a specialist modifications chopper.

To menyeimbangi gede catchbasin at the top, fabricated from cilia apocryphal girboks absolutely successful. Moreover, the larboard and appropriate box of bootleg absolutely accurate and handsome actualization adds to the architecture of the motor bankrupt archetypal 1-2.

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