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Modifikasi suzuki skywave or hayate Reviews

Modifikasi suzuki skywave or hayate

For Fashion Class Modification, Suzuki Skywave views about matic motorcycles. Suzuki Indonesia name his new motor with Suzuki Skywave. This motor is a new alternative of the above aforementioned type, that is Suzuki Spin. According to any sources, This motorcycle according to Suzuki Hayate which has been appear in Thailand. It's additionally application a 125 CC four achievement engine. Now has been combinated of Suzuki Spin with Suzuki Skywave is name Suzuki Skydrive.
Suzuki Hayate, In Indonesia appear in the name of Skyware.


Gambar Suzuki Spin Tiger Modifikasi, Harga

Kumpulan Gambar Suzuki Spin Modifikasi

Suzuki Spin Modifikasi kelas Fashion
Kumpulan Gambar Suzuki Spin Modifikasi
Kumpulan Gambar Suzuki Spin Modifikasi
Modifikasi Jok Motor Suzuki Spin
Kumpulan Gambar Suzuki Spin Modifikasi
Motor skutik (automatic scooter) added mushrooming. Almost all manufacturers of motors, motor types are launched. Starting from Yamaha, Honda and Suzuki. To about-face its competitors, Suzuki Spin is now present with the actualization of new, added airy and sporty.

Motorcycle this one appears in aboriginal August 2009 and again with the new striping. With the new striping makes Suzuki Spin nicer, sportier and added agitative because it was cheerful. Moreover, best able Suzuki motorcycle chic metic.

Suzuki Spin has a bigger agent ability compared to added motorcycles matic. Although greater backbone and above engine, does not beggarly that Suzuki did not ammunition economy. "We've done centralized testing on Suzuki Spin with added agnate products. Results of the test, we get if Suzuki Spin which has abundant ability with a accommodation of 125 cc agent is actual ammunition able than added motor matic.
Kumpulan Gambar Suzuki Spin Modifikasi

According to Kok Yong, Spin Suzuki agent ability due to load-cylinder technology SCEM (Suzuki Composite Materials electrochemical). Technology makes the weight of the butt will be lighter, and again acute the abrasion of the butt bank and advance the absolution of heat. In addition, said Kok Yong, Suzuki Spin ill-fitted to be an advantage for women and men.

For women, Suzuki Spin brings added automated architecture so it looks added feminine, as adapted by the lights fabricated it arise added ambrosial aerodynamics. Blush choices can actuate the appearance of their users, the capital attraction.

There are three types presented by Suzuki Spin. Ie blazon CW (Cast Wheel). There are eight variants of colors that were presented to the CW type. Then, blazon SW which offers three blush options. Then, blazon NR kareakter were presented to those who adulation fiercely. "Spin NR alone one color, black. Paint from affection actual so that the atramentous blush if apparent to hot sun in dejected looks like an eggplant, "he added.


Suzuki Skydrive 125 Modifikasi Fashion Class

Foto Suzuki Skydrive 125 Modifikasi
Gambar Motor Suzuki Skydrive 125 Modifikasi
Desain Suzuki Skydrive 125 Modification Fashion Class Pics
Suzuki Skydrive 125 Modifikasi kelas Fasion
Collection Pictures of Suzuki Skydrive Modifcation Fashion Class. The Motorcycles is Scooter Matic Dinamatic after Modified new low rider.


Yamaha Mio 125 Scooter Matic Thai

Yamaha Mio 125 cc Scooter Matic Thai Pictures
Yamaha Mio 125cc Scooter Matic Thai Photos
Now in 2010 if Indonesia This Motor's name is Yamaha Xeon 125, for competion with Honda Vario CBS Techno. The battling of Honda Vario CBS Techno is coming, the name is New Yamaha Mio 125 2010.
New Yamaha Mio 125 is able with baptize cooler, a blueprint that was activated in Honda Vario CBS Techno.
The scooter comes in two altered types which is GT and RR, and accessible in 7 altered colors.
However, Yamaha Mio 125 cc has not appear yet in Indonesia. The M cco aloof has appear in Thailand recently.


Yamaha YBR 110 Low Cost Yamaha Motorcycles in India

Yamaha YBR 110 2010
Yamaha appear aloof launched a low amount motorcycle called Yamaha YBR 110cc 2010.
Yamaha YBR 110 accepted to advertise in India soon.
The access akin motorcycle will amount about 8 actor rupiah.
Yamaha YBR 110 would powered by agent accommodation 106 cc and gearbox 4-stokes.


Yamaha Xeon 125 Motor Skutik Indonesia

Gambar Yamaha Xeon 125cc Motor Skutik Indonesia Baru
Foto Yamaha Xeon 125 cc Indonesia
Yamaha accounted has registered the new motorcycle called Yamaha Xeon in Indonesia.
The new Yamaha Xeon registered accounted has agent 124.9 cc.
However, there is no added advice about it, but arising belief said that Yamaha Xeon is New Yamaha Mio 125 in Thailand.


Honda Beat matic Motorcycle Pictures

Honda Beat Scooter Matic Motorcycle Pictures
Honda Beat matic Motorcycle Pictures
Honda Beat Scooter matic Lowrider Motorcycle Pictures
Honda Beat matic Motorcycle Pictures
Honda Beat The following modifications are still stylish lowrider with the concept to be used as a daily vehicle. We found dibengkelnya "Anugrah Motor" in Cibubur Point Automotive Center, as usual mas nih Jay who owns the Honda Beat ngoprek busy to give the final touch of color on the iron horse items lansiran year 2008 is.

Honda Beat specification modifications:

Velg framed rear wheels Custom Daihatsu cars pake radius 72 Ring 14 "wide 5", - the Ring 12 "width 4".
140/60 rear tires, 120/70 front tubles.
12 cm-departed departed.
Custom mirror.
Motor brands Stang
RPM Gauge.
Shockbreaker YSS.
Handle Brake Pro brand.
Grip KTC.
Custom Body Kits.
Tromol original front brake, front disc cartridge.
Footstep costom front rest.
Front Fender (spakbor) custom Aprilia models.
Custom front triangle.
Air filter KOSO.
Close ICON fan.
Yamaha Fino exhaust cover.
CPl oil cap.
Custom stirrup, Visor Supra x 125.


Rujukan Modifikasi Motor Honda Blade 110 cc

Foto Modifikasi Motor Honda Blade 110 cc
Rujukan Modifikasi Motor Honda Blade 110 cc
Modifikasi Motor Honda Blade 110 cc Balap
Rujukan Modifikasi Motor Honda Blade 110 cc
Rujukan Modifikasi Motor Honda Blade 110 cc
Modif Honda Blade Antik
Blade Honda 110 cc year 2008 top speednya stuck at 100 km / hr. It also achieved a bit long, but right Blade design racing.

How to increase top speednya into at least 105 to 110 km / h with minimum alteration. To improve the performance or the performance of Honda Blade can be done with the up grade nature PNP package pengapiannya replace parts, and carburetor settings are also gear acceleration is enough.

My advice if you can not play first because it bore up for daily, except for the competition will be different packages may change in the form of machinery, such as type racing CDI, noken type of racing as well and replaced with karbu spuyer penyesuaiaan size.

Last gear which gives a chance to adjust, if felt not only be ported karku policyholders and replacement of conventional nature which are different types like a standard vacuum.


Modifikasi Motor Honda Revo DX 110 CC Concept Picture

Modifikasi Motor Honda Revo DX 110 CC 2010 Concept Picture
To provide a refresher to the lover of Absolute Revo, AHM did change the appearance of the duck's flagship. So that the view of New Absolute Revo 110 DX became more stylish and looks very exclusive and dynamic. Motor model ducks, according to Marketing Director AHM Julius Aslan still become an idol of society in the country. Therefore, it offers a new design on Revo Absolute DX expected in accordance with the wishes of consumers. Now Honda have modifikasi Category, as scoopy 2009.
Changes appear on the front of the cover body and wings (sheild leg) are designed with sharp character lines and aggressive. Then, the vibration on the handlebars peredan appear with chrome color gives the impression of luxury. Similarly at pegangnan back with more modern designs. Not only that. Water intake and fin reliefs on the front cover is more aerodynamic. Exclusive impression is getting stronger with the striping and new body colors, caliper disc brakes are berkelir gold and red accents on the rear suspension spiral. New Absolute Revo 110 DX is the answer for people who want a bike with an exclusive new look, fuel efficient and powerful.


Motor Bajaj Pulsar 135 LS 135 cc Reviews

Motor Bajaj Pulsar 135 LS 135 cc
Motor Bajaj Pulsar 135 LS 135 cc
Motor Bajaj Pulsar 135 LS 135 cc
Motor Bajaj Pulsar 135 LS 135 cc

Motor Bajaj Pulsar 135 LS 135 cc 2010
Pulsar cc although these are the smallest but arguably has a different shape with a variant thereon 180, 200, and 220 S was so unique that this pulsar is dikolaborasikannya DTS system i which is a patent-wheeler with 4 valve technology (valve) per cylinder. Pulsar variants thereon while still using the 2 valve instead. Data test ride of Pulsar 135 DTS-i could bro saw in the previous article


2010 Ferrari Dino vs Lamborghini Exotic Sports Cars Wallpapers

2010 Ferrari Dino vs Lamborghini Exotic Sports Cars Wallpapers
2010 Ferrari Dino vs Lamborghini Exotic Sports Cars Wallpapers

2010 Ferrari Dino vs Lamborghini Exotic Sports Cars Wallpapers

Anyone who has apparent the Lamborghini Cars Reventon or the Aston Martin DBS knows that apparent feeling. It’s the adventure & the attraction of the alien sports car, overhauled & adapted for the 21st century. Since their inception, sports cars accept always pushed the boundaries of both engineering & art. These are the cars that body speed, ability and beauty.
Alfa Romeo is the Grandfather of Alien Sports Cars. Alfa Romeo is aboriginal began bearing chase cars in Milan, Italy in 1910. Their aboriginal endeavor, the HP 24, angry some active with its above acceleration and handling. Chief Designer Giuseppe Merosi formed on all Alfa Romeo models from 1910 to 1923. When Merosi retired, chase car disciplinarian Enzo Ferrari abiding Vittorio Jano to leave Fiat and booty over Merosi’s work.
In 1925, Alfa Romeo apparent the P2 Grand Prix Car, Jano’s aboriginal car with Romeo and broadly advised the aboriginal “supercar.” The P2 was powered by a straight-8 butt supercharged engine, and placed aboriginal in 14 Grand Pix contest amid 1924 and 1930. Today, the P2 Grand Prix is advised one of the best rarified of the collectible aged cars, with beneath than a dozen still intact. Ferrari car is accepted for it’s aerial Achievement Affluence Cars
After antagonism Alfa Romeos in the 1920’s & 30’s, Enzo Ferrari absitively that he capital to body his own racecars. He prototyped a few models in the 1940’s, but it wasn’t until afterwards World War II that he begin success. Notably, Ferrari’s alien sports cars took aboriginal abode in the Formula 1. World Championships, 24 Hours of Le Mans and the World Sportscar Championships throughout the 1950’s. In 1954, Alfa-Romeo had experimented with its aboriginal front-wheel drive bunched car called “33″
Ferrari’s Gran Turismo alternation charcoal its best acknowledged lines, with the 2007 599 GTB Fiorano bringing alike added affluence and addition to the table. Patrons of the Ferrari Club of America adduce achievement as the primary acumen for purchasing a Ferrari over added collectible cars.
Lamborghini : Alien Sports Cars for a New Generation. Ferruccio Lamborghini had a acknowledged business architecture tractors in Italy afore his eyes angry to the alien sports car. And it wasn’t a adulation for achievement that afflicted his fire, but a antipathy for Enzo Ferrari.
According to Lamborghini’s family, Ferruccio purchased a Ferrari 250 GT in the aboriginal 1960’s and was black with the administration & acknowledgment of the clutch. He brought it into Ferrari’s branch and met with Enzo Ferrari to articulation his concerns. Ferrari was anon agitated with Lamborghini’s complaints so he mocked Lamborghini and beatific him away. Lamborghini went home, dismantled the car and apparent that the claws installed in Ferraris were from the aforementioned manufacturers he acclimated for his tractors. He installed a new clamp and vowed to actualize a higher-quality, affluence sports car than Ferrari.


Modifikasi Motor Kawasaki Ninja 150 RR 2010

Gambar Modifikasi Motor Kawasaki Ninja 150 RR 2010
The Regeneration or next innovation by Kawasaki Motors, about of Kawasaki Ninja 150R to Kawasaki Ninja 150RR. Kawasaki Ninja 150 RR Before this came out, people had previously known RR 150 Ninja. Type of motor is quite famous for his run very fast. Hence, the drivers in the country is really like Ninja 150 R motorcycles for use in the racing arena fights.
Departure from these requirements, the PT Kawasaki Motor Indonesia issued a new product in the form of the Kawasaki Ninja 150 RR. And the introduction of new generation Kawasaki Ninja motorcycle was positively welcomed the fans, even though late compared to some importers who had imported them a while ago.
In the arena test drive of the Jakarta Motor Show 2002 which ended on July 28, 2002 and then, it was revealed that the price per unit reached Rp 28.5 million. Quite expensive but quite in accordance with the accompanying technology.
Its flagship technology, the Kawasaki Super Powervalve Integrated System (Super kIPS). This system itself relies on the valve that regulates the closing and opening a portion of a landfill. In order for flue gas at high rotation can take place more perfect (valve open). While at low rpm to avoid wasting gasoline-air mixtures are new into the combustion chamber of karter (valves closed).
But there is a little disturbing, lower torque until 6500 rounds per minute rather weak. But after 6500 rounds per minute, the direct power to drive the motor melesakkan.
According to one of the mechanics who keep the Kawasaki stand a test drive, that's the way the existing weaknesses in almost every vehicle. Good on the lap top is not necessarily good in the run-down, or vice versa.


2010 Kawasaki Ninja ZX RR 800cc wallpaper

2010 Green Kawasaki Ninja ZX RR 800cc wallpaper
This Motorcycles have Superbike MotoGp Debuts. 2010 Kawasaki ninja zx RR 800cc Superbike class. Kawasaki MOTOGP.kawasaki still continue to develop new projects even after the motorcycle they were still testing the Kawasaki resigned his new motorcycle in Australia.


Motor Kawasaki Ninja 250 R 2010 Specifications

Foto Motor Kawasaki Ninja 250 R 2010

Foto Motor Kawasaki Ninja 250 R 2010

New Kawasaki Ninja 250R 2010 Specifications:
Engine type: 4 stroke DOHC
Number & Fill Cylinders: 2 pieces parallel & 124.5 cc
Diameter & Steps: 62 x 41.2mm
Comparison of Compression: 11.6:1
Maximum Power: 23.4Kw (31.4PS) / 11000rpm
Maximum torque: 20Nm/9500rpm
Carburetor: Keihin CVR30 X 2bh
Starter System: Electric Starter
Transmission type: 6-speed, return shift
Dental Ratio: Ke1 2600 (39/15)
2nd 1789 (34/19)
1409 3rd (31/22)
4th 1160 (29/25)
To 5 1000 (27/27)
Ke6 0893 (25/28)
Type Final Drive System: Chain Drive / Chain
Reduction ratio: 3214 (45/14)
Overall Drive Ratio: 8859 @ TopGear
Suspension Front: Telescopic Fork Suspension
Rear Suspension: Monoshock Suspension
Brakes Front: Twin Disc Brake Pot
Rear brake: Twin Disc Brake Pot
Length x Width x Height: 2080 x 715 x 1115mm
Axis Wheels distance: 1390mm
Distance to Land: 140mm
Gasoline Capacity: 18liter
Maximum Weight: 169kg
Differences in the type and character are very different machines kertaspun above. But whether in fact different views in different views. Yesterday we tried the power and strength of the leading manufacturer of both hero Kawasaki Indonesia in Sentul Circuit, Java Barat/18 January 2009. From direct observation of testing until just a ride we can feel the magnitude of any power of each different type of racing machine type. While one side of the Ninja 250R looks great and weighs 169kg bongsor by comparison with the Ninja 150R weighs only 124.5 kg, but power and torque of two-cylinder inline engine is quite large and can not be underestimated. On paper and Ninja 150R also differ in units of PS thin. 150RR has 30.1 250R PS currently has a 31.4 PS.

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