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Foto Modifikasi Honda Vario 2010

Foto Modifikasi Honda Vario 2010
List Speedo meter vario available a variety of colors stay adjusted wrote with color and theme modifications your vario.

Footstep front Vario available lots in the OMC, the landing Yoshimura available lots in the OMC

Modif knalpot vario style for low rider or speed rider. Exhaust Cover for Vario, is available wide range of colors from the original cheap to expensive but very good high quality .Motor avario you become very visible male and design modifications,

Glasses lights vario front that make your eyes like flies very good
Wide front discs, Cover As the front wheels are available various colors. Aseso matic motor trim to your Vario. Rem cakram vario stylist.
Gambar Modifikasi Honda Vario 2010


Modifikasi Suzuki Smash Revo 115cc Thailand 2010

Gambar Modifikasi Suzuki Smash Revo 115cc Thailand 2010

Foto Modifikasi Suzuki Smash Revo 115cc Thailand 2010

New Modifkasi Suzuki smash Revo 115 cc Pictures. When you will find the many pics of modifikasi smah revo Thailand. or you like new smash. Suzuki Smash 115CC will soon be launched. PT Indomobil Suzuki Sales (SIS) is a manufacturer of motorcycles in Indonesia to ensure Suzuki will launch the Suzuki Smash 115CC tesrebut in 2010 this semester. Carrying capacity engine with 115 cc Suzuki confirmed that the fight began to fade even expected to be lifted.
Citing data from the Association of Indonesian Motorcycle Industries (AISI), Suzuki Smash, in January and then sold around 8 thousand. This figure is the second-highest sales among the variants Suzuki motorcycles for sale.


Modifikasi Motor Honda Supra X 125 PGM-Fi Injeksi-Top Non Carburator

Gambar Motor Honda Supra X 125 PGM-Fi Injeksi-Top Non Carburator
Modifikasi Motor Honda Supra X 125 PGM-Fi Injeksi
Modifikasi Motor Honda Supra X 125 PGM-Fi Injeksi
Modifikasi Motor Honda Supra X 125 PGM-Fi Injeksi
Modifikasi Motor Honda Supra X 125 PGM-Fi Injeksi-Top Non Carburator
Injection arrangement is activated in Honda Supra X125 PGM-FI in the class of D-Jetronic. Where the bulk of gasoline sprays is abstinent by the exhaustion in the assimilation manifold. Sensors that ascertain accepted exhaustion assorted complete burden (MAP). In this blazon of carpenter is not able with air assimilation basic or the baptize breeze meter.

Supra X 125 Basic Bang PGM-FI as a accomplished looks like the account below. When compared with the antecedent altercation (Principal Apparatus Motor injection) was not all the apparatus installed on Supra Bang PGM-FI X 125.

Completeness bang apparatus tailored needs of the motor itself. Sometimes the sensors or added apparatus are altered agreement or names accept agnate functions though.

1. Cyberbanking ascendancy systems
Components including cyberbanking ascendancy systems of all sensors which ascertain a action of the engine. Sensors anchored on Supra X125 PGM-FI, amid others: MAP sensor, IAT sensor, TP sensor, agent oil temperature (EOT) sensor, the coffer bend sensor (BAS) and the agitation beating generator.
2. Ammunition arrangement
Supra X125 Apparatus PGM-FI in allegation of a catchbasin of gas breeze through the aperture of injectors amid others: the gas catchbasin (fuel tank), ammunition clarify (fuel assimilation filters), gas stations (fuel pump), burden regulators, aback approach to the catchbasin of gas, activity benefactor of gasoline (fuel augment hose) and injector (injector).
3. Air consecration arrangement
The air is sucked into the butt through a few apparatus to be abstinent as the accepted bulk kevakumannya to be injected gasoline. In addition, through the apprehension basic of air condition.
Air consecration arrangement apparatus on the Supra X125 PGM-FI include: air filter, burke body, assimilation assorted and cylinder. In the burke anatomy is assorted complete burden (MAP) sensor, assimilation air temperature (IAT) sensor and the movement of the gas valve bend detected by the burke position (TP) sensor.

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