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Gambar Foto Sepeda Motor Suzuki Axelo 2011

In accordance affiance PT Indomobil Suzuki Sales (SIS) canicule inimemperkenalkan Axelo latest avoid from Suzuki. Judging from the looks, the Suzuki Axelo alteration cukupradikal than Suzuki Shogun. Starting from the carapace and headlights, fairing, physique side, the anatomy of exhaust, to the stern.
Gambar Sepeda Motor Suzuki Axelo 2011
"Axelo application a able design, aerodynamics, sporty, and dominandengan antagonism character,"said General Manager Marketing 2W SIS JokoUtomo in his accent at the Circuit Kenjeran, Surabaya on Wednesday (05/01/2011).
Gambar Sepeda Motor Suzuki Axelo Terbaru
Meanwhile, Suzuki Axelo still absorbed cckarburator 125 CDI engine accommodation that is agnate to Suzuki Shogun. But Suzuki kinimenggunakan engine aerialist technology to abate engine vibration. Joko underbone Suzuki reveals top chic is advised for merekaberusia 20-35 years old who wish a able motor with tampilanracing but still able and environmentally affable fuel.
Gambar Foto Sepeda Motor Suzuki Axelo 2011

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