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2010 Porsche Boots Panamera Turbo Powerkit Review and Photos

2010 Porsche Boots Panamera Turbo Powerkit Photos
2010 Porsche Boots Panamera Turbo Powerkit Engine Wiring Photos
Latest Porsche News. Porsche is alms what they alarm a Porsche Panamera Personalisation Programme with a Powerkit and a Sport Design Amalgamation for their big four-door. The above is for all Panameras, but the Powerkit is aloof for the Panamera Turbo.

With the Powerkit, which consists of two new turbochargers with titanium aluminium agent auto and a revised ECU, the Turbo assets 40 horses to accomplish 540 hp. Torque is aloft by 50 Nm to 750 Nm. The Powerkit includes the Sport Chrono Package, and it allows for overboost to 800 Nm. Acceleration abstracts accept alone by a tenth to 3.9 abnormal in Sport Plus mode, while top acceleration is up by 2 km/h to 305 km/h. Despite the achievement upgrade, ammunition burning stands at 11.5L/100 km.

For all Panameras, the Sport Design Amalgamation includes aero $.25 such as anatomy coloured advanced end with widened atramentous air assimilation grilles, abstracted ancillary skirts and a anatomy coloured rear underbody accessory with diffuser. Completing the amalgamation will be new 20-inch multi-spoke alloys in GT argent metallic, atramentous or the anatomy colour.

The Powerkit will be launched in November, while the Sport Design Amalgamation will be accessible in October. Both are US bazaar options that can be retrofitted to accepted cars.

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