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Modifikasi Motor Honda Revo DX 110 CC Concept Picture

Modifikasi Motor Honda Revo DX 110 CC 2010 Concept Picture
To provide a refresher to the lover of Absolute Revo, AHM did change the appearance of the duck's flagship. So that the view of New Absolute Revo 110 DX became more stylish and looks very exclusive and dynamic. Motor model ducks, according to Marketing Director AHM Julius Aslan still become an idol of society in the country. Therefore, it offers a new design on Revo Absolute DX expected in accordance with the wishes of consumers. Now Honda have modifikasi Category, as scoopy 2009.
Changes appear on the front of the cover body and wings (sheild leg) are designed with sharp character lines and aggressive. Then, the vibration on the handlebars peredan appear with chrome color gives the impression of luxury. Similarly at pegangnan back with more modern designs. Not only that. Water intake and fin reliefs on the front cover is more aerodynamic. Exclusive impression is getting stronger with the striping and new body colors, caliper disc brakes are berkelir gold and red accents on the rear suspension spiral. New Absolute Revo 110 DX is the answer for people who want a bike with an exclusive new look, fuel efficient and powerful.

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