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Motor Honda Mega Pro 150 CC 2010 Specs

Motor Honda Mega Pro 150 CC 2010 Specs

Gambar Motor Honda Mega Pro 150 CC 2010 Specs
Honda plans to reduce the engine capacity of 160 Motor Honda Mega Pro cc to 150 cc seems to be a strategy to lower the selling price of the motor.
Because with that strategy, PT Astra Honda Motor (AHM) is a brand holder sole agents (ATPM) Honda motorcycles in Indonesia to fight Motor Yamaha Byson will reportedly also came out earlier this year.

So the decline that capacity, Motor Honda was able to sell their products at a price of Rp $ 1-2 million less than the current price without sacrificing the specifications and benefits, and that's good to fight Byson The event will be sold at the price range Rp 18 million.
Motor Honda Mega Pro alone is currently selling at a price of Rp $ 20.5 million for type casting wheel (CW) and Rp 19.3 million for a spoke wheel (SW) aka wheel radius. Well if true, then the price of Mega Pro CW will range in price of Rp 18-19 million. Equal to the price given for Byson their Yamaha.
Competition they would be getting tighter and more visible. Motor sports is the latest of Honda reportedly will come out at the end of next January, and there's even a saying that new Honda products are not going to use Mega Pro as a brand but to use other brands.

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